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Bio Information

Bio Information


I live on the San Francisco Bay.  Each day I experience the sun and fog on this incredible body of water.

 My journey as an artist/photographer began decades ago in a film darkroom I built in a corner of my garage, shared with my daughter.   Later, when I began to travel widely, I took thousands of film and slide images around the US, in Latin America and Europe.  I can see now that these could be accurately described as snapshots. 

It was when I took the leap to digital photography that my creative juices began to flow, and I began experimenting with extreme close up photos of botanical subjects.   Most of my images were presented in a straightforward manner, with little obvious digital alteration, but sometimes a fanciful theme would appear.

More recently, I have been trying to find my own style with imagery, creating abstract water-media paintings which I photograph and alter digitally in countless ways.  To me, photography is like singing, and I am just now beginning to find my own voice.  I may have labored over an image for months, or longer, but if it is successful, it will appear to have flowed out effortlessly, like a casual song. 

I am an active member of the Marin Society of Artists, the Oakland Art Association, and the Berkeley Camera Club.  I have participated in frequent competitions and workshops with these organizations, have won numerous awards, and have been invited to show in many juried exhibitions.